Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family 4th in KC

What a busy and terrific week we enjoyed in KC with our whole family of kids and grandkids! No fireworks because of the weather on the 4th and 5th, but we had our own celebration just chasing after the 7 little ones and helping Kim and Doug finish their new house and prep for their move. Games and crafts with the kids, planting trees and grass seed at the new house, catching up with each other, playing in the driveway and the backyard, walks around the neighborhood, cleaning and packing boxes, movies to watch and books to read - even a paperbag puppet show by the older kids one evening - seems like there was always something going on.

But the most fun for us was to watch the little cousins spending time together like they’d lived next door to each other all their young lives. And knowing the girls and their guys were getting to talk and spend time connecting again. Bless you, Lord, for providing opportunities like this to be together as a family. And of course we took another family photo of the growing clan. It may have been 9:30 at night, but it only took a few tries to get all the little ones looking more or less at the camera! Some of the smiles, giggles, and outright laughs all around came from watching Papa run to and from the camera to his place on the floor over and over!

During the week, we were all blessed to help Kim and Doug move into their beautiful new home. Lots of lifting and pulling and carrying and trips back and forth ... then arranging and storing and setting everything in its new place. And finally, an evening for everyone to get a good night’s rest in the new house before saying good-bye for a while.

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