Saturday, January 09, 2010

Eagle Spotting

We went for a drive along the Mississippi today from Alton to Grafton to spot some bald eagles. Even on this frigid day (15 degrees) there were several of these majestic birds flying along the palisades in the brilliant sunshine. Really quite a sight! Too bad we left the camera at home.

Just as impressive was seeing the Mighty Mississippi full of ice - not even a small navigation channel of open water remained at Alton. Several barges were surrounded by the ice and didn't look like they'll be going anywhere for a while. Slabs of broken ice were stacked up so thick you couldn't tell this was a river as nothing was moving on the surface. We can't remember the last time we've seen anything like this, and we're hoping to get back there in a day or two. With the camera this time!
. . . .

SUNDAY we did get back to the river and the Lewis & Clark bridge to take some photos of the ice and one of the trapped barges.

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