Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All Together

We had a great weekend in KC with the four kids and five grandkids! From the Hallmark Kaleidoscope at Crown Center to the neighborhood water park, from a local farmer's market to the backyard and driveway it was all just so much fun to have everyone together. Babysitting and playing with the grandkids was wonderful, and we're glad the moms and dads got some time by themselves. Kim and Doug were super hosts - and kept us well fed! Kristy and Cam got us all hooked on the game Settlers of Catan - we played it every minute we could get the little ones down for some quiet time. And going to church together on Sunday was such a blessing. Now we're eagerly looking forward to having them all together again at Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

St. Louis All Star Weekend

We were really hoping that the NL would win this year's baseball All Star Game, especially here in St. Louis, and break the AL's streak. Oh well, maybe next year. Meanwhile, it was a lot of fun to have the game and festivities in town. We made it to the Fan Fest for a day and enjoyed a lot of the fun and history on display, and we walked around downtown to soak up some of the atmosphere with all the baseball fans visiting. It seemed there was something baseball to do just about everywhere.

The city was cleaned up and dressed up for the occasion which made it fun to just walk around areas we hadn't seen in a while. And to see some of the great St. Louis baseball history on display including the Cardinals, the Browns, and the Stars. A highlight for Kitty was to see a few of the Budweiser Clydesdale horses and the beer wagon up close and personal, which have also been synonymous with Redbird baseball for so long.

Okay, now back to some serious ball playing and winning so that the fans of MLB will be visiting St. Louis again in October - GO CARDS!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Michigan 4th

Kitty and Greg were in Michigan for a few days over the 4th of July holiday. After flying in to Detroit Metro, we drove up to Greg's parents in East Tawas. Cooler weather didn't keep us from enjoying the lake view, getting into town for a movie (Ice Age 3), and taking a drive through the country for dinner. Saturday started with the parade down M-23 and then a strawberry shortcake festival lunch and shopping at the farmer's market.

Next, we drove to Clarkston to spend time with Kitty's parents. One of the highlights was driving around to see some of our childhood homes again. Sunday it was off to church with Carol, Paul, and Bradley in Mt. Clemens, then all of us made it back to Clarkston for a great summer dinner. After a couple more relaxing days it was time to fly home once again. Always too short, it was still a good visit and we were glad to see everyone is doing well.