Sunday, February 22, 2009

Four Generations

It's a special blessing for any family to have four generations together at any time. For our family, we've been twice blessed this winter. In January, Kitty traveled to Florida and with Kristy, Ruth, and Joseph visited Kitty's parents for a day. This is becoming an annual event - always a special time for great-grandparents and great-grandkids and everyone in between.

In February, Greg's parents drove to Florida to see Kristy, Cam, Ruth, and Joseph - then they made the long drive to Kansas City to spend a few days with Kim, Doug, Will, Ella, and Emma. Greg and Kitty joined them for the weekend to again have four family generations together. It's been quite a while since everyone's been together - there were fewer great-grandkids then! - which made this such a wonderful occasion. God willing, we all hope it will be much sooner when we can be together again.

And our larger family continues to grow. Just before Greg's parents started their trip home to Michigan we received word that Greg's brother and his wife were celebrating the birth of their second child. Michael and Mandy introduced Sonja's little sister Charlotte on 2/22. Check out their blog here for pics.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Winter Travels

KC by car and rail or Tampa by plane, it's been a lot of fun catching up
with and spending time with kids and grandkids this winter season.

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