Thursday, November 06, 2008

Renovation, Rejuvination, Renewal

Sunday, October 19, was a time of celebration at our church. Community Covenant Church in Kirkwood, MO, underwent over a year of remodeling in the sanctuary, entryway, offices, and more. Much of it was done with sweat equity by members of the church. Our purpose was to create a space that would glorify God and promote worship, teaching, and service. What we found was new intimacy as we overcame the obstacles of mission and ministry in a building constantly being reconstructed. Sunday worship services were moved downstairs to the Fellowship Hall. Meetings and classes and office work took place wherever there was a "clean" space. And along the way we found something of ourselves being reconstructed - our faith, our commitment, and our desire for God through Jesus Christ. As beautiful as the building improvements turned out, what we celebrate now is what God has done in and through us in this journey. Pastor Steve shared the vision and the goal at the start in his sermon series "Renovate, Rejuvenate, Renew Your Life in Christ." Looking around, we see God's handiwork in the building changes - and the work that remains. More importantly, we are appreciating the transformation that continues to take place in us as this local church and in everyone who has committed their life to Jesus Christ.

Kitty and I are so thankful that this is where God has called us to worship and to work, to lead and to encourage, to sacrifice and to be blessed. For our family and friends who have visited our church, we hope you enjoy these pictures that show just some of the changes to the building. For everyone, we pray that you experience the wonder and joy and freedom of this wonderful life in Christ as we have in this church family that exhibits so many of the wonderful characteristics of our Lord and Savior.

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