Saturday, November 15, 2008

A New Home!

No, not for us - Greg traveled to Mexico again this year as part of the Amor Ministry to build homes for families in need. Sadly, his camera was lost in the sand somewhere in the Mexican desert, so photos will have to wait until we get copies of pics from some of the other mission team members.

What an opportunity to meet this family, to share something of our lives and faith, and to work with them to build a new home. Manuel and Karla helped with every phase of the construction. Their three young kids were so excited to see us each day, to play games with us, and to share a noon meal.

This year nine of us from two churches in St. Louis teamed up with churches from Liberty and Kearney, MO, to build a double-sized house. We also experienced an evening in the town of Puerto Penasco and a "sandstorm" for a few hours that made life more difficult at the worksite and campsite.

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