Sunday, November 30, 2008


In the midst of another busy holiday season as we consider and give thanks for the many amazing blessings of God we have received, one that we always cherish and enjoy is time spent with our growing clan.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Riding the Rails

To spend time with the kids and grandkids this holiday week while still getting in necessary work days, Greg rode the Amtrak train between St. Louis and Kansas City every other day. Years ago we rode the CN railroad between Windsor and Toronto, and Greg's enjoyed the train systems in Europe and Asia during business trips, but this was the first time either of us has tried Amtrak. It was surprisingly nice - comfortable, clean, and fairly smooth.

All aboard at the Kirkwood, Missouri, station to the end of the line at KC's downtown Union Station is only about an hour longer than driving and is just about 20 minutes from Kim and Doug's house. In three trips the train was only delayed about 15 minutes total - but we're told that's not always the case! Still, we'll probably take the train more and more to enjoy the ride, save wear and tear on the cars, and avoid driving in bad weather.

Monday, November 24, 2008

KC Skate

So we're all together in KC for the holiday, and someone decided it would be fun to go ice skating downtown. Well, all of us braved the cold (it wasn't that bad) and some of us braved the ice. Ruth and Will took a turn on skates with some help from the dads, and even with her cold Ella took a spin in Doug's arms. You'll notice that Grandma and Grandpa were content to babysit. The topper on this "cool" afternoon was a picnic on the plaza under a giant Christmas tree!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A New Home!

No, not for us - Greg traveled to Mexico again this year as part of the Amor Ministry to build homes for families in need. Sadly, his camera was lost in the sand somewhere in the Mexican desert, so photos will have to wait until we get copies of pics from some of the other mission team members.

What an opportunity to meet this family, to share something of our lives and faith, and to work with them to build a new home. Manuel and Karla helped with every phase of the construction. Their three young kids were so excited to see us each day, to play games with us, and to share a noon meal.

This year nine of us from two churches in St. Louis teamed up with churches from Liberty and Kearney, MO, to build a double-sized house. We also experienced an evening in the town of Puerto Penasco and a "sandstorm" for a few hours that made life more difficult at the worksite and campsite.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

One More Weekend

The weather has remained unseasonably warm into the first of November, but a 2-day cold snap last week brought out the Fall colors. So we were blessed to get in one more weekend drive along the rivers and across the ferry boats. And this time we remembered to take along a camera!

The Golden Eagle Ferry crossing just outside St. Charles at
Kinder's Restaurant ... "On and Sometimes in the Mississippi"

Beautiful Fall colors along the riverside

Crossing the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers in Grafton and at
Brussels to get to another of our favorites - The Loading Dock

Renovation, Rejuvination, Renewal

Sunday, October 19, was a time of celebration at our church. Community Covenant Church in Kirkwood, MO, underwent over a year of remodeling in the sanctuary, entryway, offices, and more. Much of it was done with sweat equity by members of the church. Our purpose was to create a space that would glorify God and promote worship, teaching, and service. What we found was new intimacy as we overcame the obstacles of mission and ministry in a building constantly being reconstructed. Sunday worship services were moved downstairs to the Fellowship Hall. Meetings and classes and office work took place wherever there was a "clean" space. And along the way we found something of ourselves being reconstructed - our faith, our commitment, and our desire for God through Jesus Christ. As beautiful as the building improvements turned out, what we celebrate now is what God has done in and through us in this journey. Pastor Steve shared the vision and the goal at the start in his sermon series "Renovate, Rejuvenate, Renew Your Life in Christ." Looking around, we see God's handiwork in the building changes - and the work that remains. More importantly, we are appreciating the transformation that continues to take place in us as this local church and in everyone who has committed their life to Jesus Christ.

Kitty and I are so thankful that this is where God has called us to worship and to work, to lead and to encourage, to sacrifice and to be blessed. For our family and friends who have visited our church, we hope you enjoy these pictures that show just some of the changes to the building. For everyone, we pray that you experience the wonder and joy and freedom of this wonderful life in Christ as we have in this church family that exhibits so many of the wonderful characteristics of our Lord and Savior.