Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time With the WEE Kids

That would be Will, Ella, and Emma!

We hustled over to KC last weekend to see the kids, spending a Fall afternoon playing in the park. Emily is getting sooo big already! William and Gabriella just seem to be growing up much too fast! They keep us busy when we visit, and we love every minute of it. Also the evenings when it quiets down and slows down a bit so we can catch up with Kim and Doug. We are indeed so blessed and so thankful.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

End of Summer

The past two weekends we've enjoyed just amazing weather as Summer fades and Fall approaches. We made it to the last Cardinals baseball game of the year - another win! - and now it's "wait 'til next year!" In the evenings we drove along the rivers just for fun. One weekend we ended up in Grafton for a light dinner along the river and to peruse the offerings at a flea market. We picked up a few baubles and a couple of books to read when there's time. Greg's made it through one of them already, enjoying the first non-schoolbook he's read in years!

Friends joined us for the second weekend as we journeyed across the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to a wonderful farmer's market and another dinner along the river near the Golden Eagle Ferry landing. What a wonderful time of relaxing and catching up with stories of families, grandkids, travels - and of course some laughs. The sunset was beautiful as we crossed the river on the ferry, and it caught us off guard how quickly it cools off now in the evenings.

Should be just a couple of more weeks until the color comes out in the trees, then we'll get try to remember to take some pictures.