Saturday, September 06, 2008

Traveling Between the Storms

Kitty flew to Florida just before Tropical Storm Fay arrived, Greg traveled there just as Hurricane Gustav was churning past, and then since we were already in Florida we decided to take a short Caribbean cruise - right alongside Tropical Storm Hanna!

Actually, we didn't know about Hanna when we booked this cruise. The captain and crew of the Sovereign of the Seas did a wonderful job of keeping us away from the storm and in beautiful weather - until the last night. Headed back towards Port Canaveral we caught up with the southwest edge of Hanna and "enjoyed" a rollicking night aboard a wet and windy ship. We watched from the observation deck as the water sloshed out of the pools, a ride down in the elevator was a bit like a roller coaster, and a few things were tossed around in our stateroom - including Kitty being turned over in bed by one wave! We and the ship were fine. It was quite an experience, but one we'll try not to repeat anytime soon.

We are just so thankful for a safe voyage and for the wonderful people we met on board - both passengers and crew.

This was one of the last cruises for Sovereign of the Seas before being retired by Royal Caribbean. Our first stop was a half day at Nassau in the Bahamas, where we caught up with the sister ship Majesty of the Seas that we sailed on a couple of years ago.

We spent the time touring Atlantis on Paradise Island,
especially enjoying the huge aquariums. Greg was
fascinated by the 14-foot Manta Rays!

Next it was off to Key West for an evening. It was a bit cloudy
to enjoy the sunset, but the social gathering at Mallory Square
and the entertainment onboard were so much fun!
Finally, a wonderful day relaxing at sea before heading back
to Port Canaveral - oh, and our night with Hanna!

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