Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Time

While we're all patiently waiting for our fourth grandchild to be born, Kitty and I are enjoying much more time with Will and Ella than usual as we've tried to offer Kim and Doug some support and time to focus on the birth of their newest child. Not that it's seemed like a huge sacrifice on our part to spend more time with our grandkids.

Trips to the local community pool with it's beach area and fountains have been a fun way to stay cool on sunny summer afternoons, and to enjoy the antics and discoveries of the kids. Like stepping on one fountain spray so that the others will shoot up higher - right into Papa's face! Or using the side of your foot to redirect the fountain spray - right into Papa's face! Or ... well, you get the idea. We love it!

There have been walks to the park and playground, where both kids now climb on all of the toys; a sure sign of how much bigger they are getting. Movies in the mornings and evenings offer a great time to snuggle and laugh together. Meals as a family that are delicious, and sometimes entertaining depending on how they are eaten and the faces that might result from new flavors and tastes. And of course the conversations both silly and serious as the kids' vocabulary and language skills improve daily.

We've enjoyed Saturdays at the local farmers market or garage sale shopping. Church together on Sunday mornings. And special moments during Father's Day and Ella's second birthday (a little early). It's been a blessing to be such a regular part of their family, and it's going to be difficult to go back to visits spaced by weeks or even months.

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A Bike for Ella's 2nd Birthday

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