Saturday, May 31, 2008

End of May

Well, in between the rain and wind, the lightning and thunder, we've been trying to get some yard work done this Spring. But much more importantly, Greg's been on the golf course a few times and we spent another evening at the ballpark watching the Cardinals win again (hey, that's 3-for-3 for us so far this year!).

Maybe we're just better at the recreation stuff, because most of the work we put into the yard last week went literally down the drain. Just a couple of hours after planting flowers and putting down grass seed and fertilizer, it started to rain - hard! No, it wasn't in the forecast. But two days of severe storms dropped more than 3" of rain. We watched the water run off the front yard and down the street to the storm drain, taking with it a lot of the seed and fertilizer. Meanwhile, the backyard turned into a lake for more than 24 hours and drowned almost everything that was growing there - everything except the weeds, of course. On the positive side, some of the dead branches and limbs were knocked out of the trees for us. Without hitting anything, thank God.

Oh well, with the latest round of storms came the Summer heat and humidity. Maybe now it will dry out enough that we can try sprucing up the lawn again. Or maybe we'll just go on vacation ...

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