Monday, May 19, 2008

At Mema and Papa's Home

Will and Ella stayed with us the past four days while Mom and Dad were in Iowa. The kids wanted to spend time at Mema and Papa's home, but we spent as much time going and doing as did hanging out at home. This time was especially good for Greg who usually only gets to be with them for a day or a day-and-a-half at a time. Four days together was enough time to really enjoy the grandkids.

The kids had fun playing on different playgrounds at the church, the Mills, and McDonalds on Thursday and Friday. Will is so sociable, joining in with any group of kids that are around and saying "Hi" to every adult. Ella is a bit more reserved and is just as happy playing her own games or with Will, Mema, or Papa. Both kids are talking so well now, but their best conversations are the ones they have together. We may not always understand them, but they certainly do and they make each other laugh as often as not. It's a riot!

Friday night we all went swimming at the Civic Center indoor pool. Will is trying to swim (alright, dog paddle) already and doesn't mind ending up under water and splashing everyone around him in the process. Ella's not so sure about putting her head or even her face under the water quite yet, and was quick to tell us that she "fell down in the water." The rest of the evening she reminded us that she didn't want to fall down in the water anymore.

Saturday was set aside as a train day – mostly for Will but Ella likes them, too. He was wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine sandals when we visited the National Museum of Transport in western St. Louis County. They have a large collection of train engines, tenders, cars, and cabooses; quite a few of them fully restored and some that you can climb on and walk through. We rode the trolley up and down the length of the train exhibits, got into a few engine cabs, and Will talked with one of the engineers while we ate our lunch. During a ride around the grounds on a one-third size narrow gauge train we spotted geese, red-wing blackbirds, and wild turkeys.

We took a break from the trains and walked through the collection of restored cars and trucks, then left the museum to go for a ride on the MetroLink. Both the kids had fun on this train ride downtown to see the arch and go across the Mississippi River.

Saturday afternoon Kim and Doug returned and we spent the evening talking around the fire pit on our back patio. Of course, the main topic was how great the kids were and how everyone commented on their good behavior and their infectious laughter. Sunday came too soon, and after church and lunch together it was time to say good-bye for now. But we're all excited that by the next time we visit with Will and Ella they will almost certainly have a new brother or sister!

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