Friday, November 16, 2007

Ruth's 1st Birthday!

We were blessed to celebrate Ruthie's first birthday with her and Kristy and Cameron and many friends in Tampa the first week of October. Wow! She was walking and "talking" and growing up so fast! What a great party with games and presents and food and ...
well, just watch the video:

Seems like all of our grandkids love playing in the water. And taking walks. And snuggling up in Mema Kitty's lap. And so much more than what we could fit into this short video. For several wonderful days we played with Ruth and got to know her while mom and dad spent a couple of evenings out. She loves the radio - and loud! - so she can dance and sing!! But the time went by quickly and we had to say farewell until we can be together again for Thanksgiving.

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Burmeister said...

They grow up so fast even faster then our own kids.