Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The River Rolls

Living between four large rivers means we're almost always crossing one ... and that something is always happening with one of them.

Mother's Day was sunny and warm, and Kitty wanted to take a drive in the G6 GTP with the sunroof open. We drove up to Alton, IL, crossing the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers by bridges. The Lewis & Clark Bridge is really quite a site (looks like a smaller version of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge near Tampa/St. Pete). The Great River Road then continues north along the Illinois River past Elsah's Landing and Grafton, then we crossed the river on the Brussels Ferry.

Next, a few miles drive on some back roads through some beautiful countryside to the Mississippi River landing for the Golden Eagle Ferry and Kinder's Restaurant. A great place to sit on the deck, enjoy a light meal and a drink, and watch Old Man River flow by. Crossing at sunset, we drove through St. Charles, back across the Missouri River, and home.

All three rivers seemed about normal level for Spring, but now just three days later we tried to walk the bank of the Missouri near our home and the water level is up several feet! We couldn't get down to the stone bank we usually walk on - just had to watch the trees and other debris float by, wondering how much of it came all the way across the state from Kansas City.

Yeah, we know -- next time we'll take pictures! Oh, and what's the fourth river which we didn't cross on this trip?

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Cam and Kristy said...

I'm gonna vote for the Meramec River, but I've been gone from St Louis a while...