Saturday, April 07, 2007

P-P-Play B-B-Ball ! ! !

April is here and baseball is back in St. Louis! And last week we went to our first game for this season to watch the World Series Champion Cardinals start another summer journey to the post-season! The new Busch Stadium was brightly lit and packed with fans dressed in red, the hot dogs and beer were ready, and the weather was just ... well ... frigid! I mean, come on ... 42 degrees at game time and getting colder?!

Bundled in sweatshirts and heavy coats, ski caps and gloves, we huddled under a blanket to try to keep out the cold breeze high up on level 4 behind home plate with a great view of the game and downtown St. Louis and the Arch. It just doesn't get any better than this! Actually, despite the cold and the disappointing loss by the Redbirds, it was fun to be back at the ballpark and we can't wait for the other 4 games that we already have tickets for. But we're glad our next one isn't until June ... GO CARDS!

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