Saturday, April 07, 2007

March Madness III

Well, we thought we would enjoy more R&R at the Greenhaw's home ... and we did! Long walks around the neighborhood and lake with Ruthie, church with so many friends that we don't see often enough, and evenings laughing together as we played Sequence and got caught up with each other made for a very enjoyable visit.

And boy, oh boy, was there a lot going on! We arrived just as the kids were selling their townhouse condo and packing to move to a new home a little further north ... and Cameron was preparing to move to a new job. God certainly blessed then in all this and we were glad to help them move closer to their friends and church. And now they'll have more room so we can stay with them more often and longer ... yeah!

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A new home for
Kristy, Cam, and Ruthie!
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A little sand volleyball to "relax" (yeah - right)

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