Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coast to Coast

To infinity and beyond ...! Okay, we didn't go quite that far this last week, but we both traveled ‘coast-to-coast’ in our own ways. Easter Sunday, Kitty saw Greg off on a business trip to Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA, then she drove coast-to-coast across Missouri (well, river-to-river anyway) to spend more time with Ella, Will, Kim, and Doug. Now that is an adventure in itself, and as always she had a great time visiting with the kids and playing with the grandkids. It’s so hard to believe that Ella’s 1st birthday is just around the corner.

Kitty drove back to St. Louis on Friday just in time for Greg to call from the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport where he was stuck all night due to the severe storms that rumbled through the Midwest. At 2:00am it just didn't seem worth it to try to go to a hotel, but here’s a life discovery moment: Greg’s getting too old to stay up all night, and also too old to sleep in airport gate seating. Oh well, another adventure ...

American Airlines got him home first class on Saturday; then it was a fast weekend before Greg left again – this time for LA. Coast-to-coast over the weekend may also sound like a lot of fun, even normal for some people, but it sure plays havoc with your sleeping and eating habits!

Thankfully, this was a short business trip and Greg's on the way back (through DFW again), then we’ll both be safely home for a while, making plans to visit family and friends during the rest of the year. So watch out! You never know when we might be dropping in on you – whether you live east or west, north or south, or anywhere in between!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Saturday, April 07, 2007

P-P-Play B-B-Ball ! ! !

April is here and baseball is back in St. Louis! And last week we went to our first game for this season to watch the World Series Champion Cardinals start another summer journey to the post-season! The new Busch Stadium was brightly lit and packed with fans dressed in red, the hot dogs and beer were ready, and the weather was just ... well ... frigid! I mean, come on ... 42 degrees at game time and getting colder?!

Bundled in sweatshirts and heavy coats, ski caps and gloves, we huddled under a blanket to try to keep out the cold breeze high up on level 4 behind home plate with a great view of the game and downtown St. Louis and the Arch. It just doesn't get any better than this! Actually, despite the cold and the disappointing loss by the Redbirds, it was fun to be back at the ballpark and we can't wait for the other 4 games that we already have tickets for. But we're glad our next one isn't until June ... GO CARDS!

March Madness III

Well, we thought we would enjoy more R&R at the Greenhaw's home ... and we did! Long walks around the neighborhood and lake with Ruthie, church with so many friends that we don't see often enough, and evenings laughing together as we played Sequence and got caught up with each other made for a very enjoyable visit.

And boy, oh boy, was there a lot going on! We arrived just as the kids were selling their townhouse condo and packing to move to a new home a little further north ... and Cameron was preparing to move to a new job. God certainly blessed then in all this and we were glad to help them move closer to their friends and church. And now they'll have more room so we can stay with them more often and longer ... yeah!

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A new home for
Kristy, Cam, and Ruthie!
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A little sand volleyball to "relax" (yeah - right)

March Madness II

Cold weather in March in the Midwest? No problem for Kitty ... she decided to "retire" for three weeks and head to Florida to visit family. First stop was her parents' home near Ft. Myers for about 10 days enjoying the sun, pool, shopping, and just taking it easy with them. A highlight was a day at the "Grasscar" lawn mower races - actual riding lawn mowers but modified to race at speeds up to 60+ mph!

Kristy and Ruth drove down from Tampa to spend a day with grandma and great-grandma - and four generations of a family all together is always something special!

Ruthie quickly had great-grandma Nancy and great-grandpa Frank wrapped around her little finger - just as she does to everyone else!

Greg caught up with Kitty after the first week to also enjoy a few days of R&R with Nancy and Frank, an annual shopping stop at the Orange Juice store and the huge Ft. Myers flea market, and then it was time to move up to Tampa to see Ruth, Kristy, and Cam.

Friday, April 06, 2007

March Madness I

Wow ... has it been almost a month since our last post?! Well then, here's what's been happening ...

Will and Ella and Kim and Doug came for a weekend visit in early March. It was good to see them all and to take care of the grandkids while the parents got some time to themselves. A highlight was the Saturday stop at our church's playground and a visit to the St. Louis Magic House.

Will thought it was all fun, but Ella took a special liking to the water area and managed to get us all quite wet!

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And a couple of cute pics from Kitty's visits to the Lawson home in February and early March ...