Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Weekend with Will

Our grandson, William, came to spend the last weekend of January with us. He's growing up so fast! Already talking up a storm ... if we only understood more of what he was saying. But for a 21-month-old he sure is earnest about what he wants to say. So much so that Greg decided to let him help preach at the Villa Retirement Center on Sunday afternoon. He had a lot to say ... but was distracted by the piano and that was that. Still, the retirees were so glad to have him visit, and we were so proud of how he went right up to everyone and said "hi" and "bye" nice and loud.

Most of the weekend we just let Will entertain us, and he was quite willing. From his infectious laugh to that cute smile and the mischievous look he can get, Will kept finding ways to make us laugh and get us engaged in his world. (Like we weren't willing anyway.) Being almost two, of course one of Will's favorite activities was to wrestle with Grandpa. He's a tough little guy and he had Grandma laughing in no time when he toppled Grandpa to the floor.

The old saying is proving to be true (with apologies to our kids) ... if we'd known grandkids were this much fun we'd have had them first!

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