Friday, February 16, 2007

A Change of Seasons

Well, it's been a busy month and there are certainly changes to catch up with. First, after 5 years of serving on our church's leadership board, Greg's term came to an end last month. The church honored Greg with a beautiful plaque recognizing his service, and a night at a wonderful bed-and-breakfast for Kitty and Greg to enjoy (when the weather warms up). Though we'll still be involved in the life and work of the church, it does seem strange and even a bit empty to be out of the loop of the church's business and decision making. Of course the church needs new people to bring new perspectives and gifts to God's work, so we're watching with anticipation to see how He will work next.

So now Kitty's getting Greg to put more energy into finishing his preaching class, as well as planning for his last course and final paper later this year so that he will (finally) graduate next Spring. And there are personal and family projects to be completed (maybe) including our website, photo albums and videos for family and friends, and some home repairs and maintenance that we've put off for too long.

Of course we'll use some of the extra time to travel, especially to visit kids and grandkids (and a vacation or two). Kitty gets to KC to see Kim, Doug, Will, and Ella often - but now Greg should also be able to make more of the trips. And we expect to have more than a few opportunities to spend time with Kristy, Cam, and Ruthie this year either in Tampa or at our house.

So stay tuned ... with some responsibilities ending and others picking up there's no telling where we might be or what we might be involved in!

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