Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It was a busy but very enjoyable week of Christmas and New Years. After a one-day visit with Greg's parents in East Tawas, MI, it was off to the annual Christmas party with Kitty's extended family. While several people couldn't make it this year, it was still fun to catch up with family members we see only once or twice each year.

Christmas Eve day found us at church with Kitty's sister and family (Carol, Paul and Bradley) and then with Greg's sister and family (Beth, Dennis, Bryan and Kevin) for some more family celebration. Christmas Day was actually quiet and relaxing at Carol & Paul's. Oh, Brad was able to beat his Uncle Greg at several video sports games as well as a basement basketball game. Greg saved some dignity by winning 3 of 4 air hockey matches, but overall the big guy needs some practice before taking on any of his nephews again.

Tuesday we moved to Greg's brother Michael's house near Grand Rapids to enjoy more family Christmas - and then Wednesday's wedding of Michael and Mandy! It was a small but wonderful ceremony and reception filled with warm, personal sentiments from family and friends that added a very intimate touch to this wedding. This was also the only time we saw even just a few snow flakes - very unusual to not have a white Christmas in Michigan.

After a drive home on Thursday, we joined friends of ours for a visit to the Way of Lights at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Snows. A wonderful drive-through exhibit of lights and depiction of the biblical Christmas story, as well as singers, decorated trees, and even a petting zoo. Kitty got up the nerve to take a brief ride on a camel! Then it was a drive by the Annheiser-Busch brewery to see the amazing holiday lights and decorations in this historic brewery complex.

Now we're welcoming in 2007 and all the promise that a new year brings. Last year was so very busy but also full of joy and life for us, highlighted by the births of our two beautiful granddaughters, Gabriella and Ruth. We pray that during this year God will bless us and all of you in similar or even greater fashion and give you peace to enjoy the journey!        Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! You're Grandkids
are all adorable. I can't believe you on top of that camel.... Whats up with that?

Cam and Kristy said...

Mom on a camel-- are you ready to go overseas now? Egypt maybe??

Question: What's with the Frapuccino Christmas???