Friday, December 01, 2006


Well, it was about as bad as they said, but we came through it fairly well. We ended up with a little more than a half-inch of ice covered with about 2-3" of wet snow. The driving is bad, but the real problem is the loss of power! We were out for 8 hours overnight and it's been on and off all day so far.

So we're okay; the house stayed warm enough and no other problems (except the cable is out). There are others in the area who haven't had power since last evening, or who have trees down on their cars or homes, or live wires down on their property, and worse. It isn't as bad as last Summer yet, but it ain't a pretty situation.

Still, from these pics it does look pretty ...

We may have lost at least part of one of the front bushes, but that's the worst for us.

The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow and the whole place will probably look like an ice castle glistening in the sunshine. For today, we're staying in and keeping as warm as we can.

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