Thursday, November 09, 2006

Great October - Part II

A few days after getting back from Florida it was off to Kansas to see our other grandkids, Will and Ella.

William is the best, most energetic, and fun 18-month old grandson there is! Grandpa had a lot of fun chasing him around and playing hide-and-seek with Will. He even tried to hide in our suitcase!

Gabriella is just as beautiful as Will is handsome, but she is much quieter and loves to just be held and cuddled. Which we may not be able to do too much longer if she keeps growing as fast as she has these first 4 months! What a doll!!

She obviously loves her friend the bear, but not as much as she loves her Grandma holding her and tickling her.

Click on Our Family Website link or Kansas Grandkids link over there to the right >>> for more about Will, Ella, and their parents.

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