Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crazy Weather!!

What is going on here?!? Yesterday at 5:00pm I left work and it was a balmy 70-degrees. Short sleeve shirts, raking leaves, and just enjoying the last vestiges of Fall.

24-and-a-few hours later as I write this the temp is down to below freezing, it's been raining and sleeting all day, there's a half-inch or more of ice on everything, and I just heard thunder and saw a flash of lightning! The weather forecasters are still saying we'll have 3-6" of snow overnight on top of all this and the high tomorrow and for the weekend might not get back up to the freezing point (that's 32-degrees).

People in the St. Louis area thought it was bad this Summer when a more than three-quarters of a million people lost power in the heat. Now imagine losing your power when it's bitter cold outside. It's happening to some neighborhoods tonight and if the rain/sleet doesn't stop it'll get worse by morning.

Why do we live here? Sometimes I wonder. Summers are hot and humid. Winter is usually cold but with little snow to enjoy it. Spring is wet and goes from cold to cool to warm to hot in about a week. Fall is beautiful but doesn't last long. Did I mention the tornadoes? And the floods? Or that we're living on one of the largest earthquake fault lines in the world?

But hey, this is the Midwest. If you don't like the weather just wait an hour. Or a day. Or a week. Then it'll be something else and this winter storm will be forgotten ... maybe.

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Cam and Kristy said...

Tampa forecast for December 1st:

82 degrees and partly cloudy skies...

Hang in there, Dad. February cruise is comin soon!